We want to hear you!

We are collecting recordings of different groups singing. If you have a copy of one of our 707 books you will find a cd in the back with recordings of all the songs.

It’s a great way to learn the song and hear other people’s interpretations.

Here’s one song sung by two different groups.

The first is sung by Ainslie Primary School students

This one by Campbell High

Some songs we don’t yet have recordings of are listed below:

  • Bound for South Australia
  • It’s a Long Way to Tipparary
  • King of the Road
  • Let Me Die With My Boots On
  • My Favourite Things
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Sumer is Icumen In
  • You Are My Sunshine

There are plenty more! Check out the Repertoire Library on the wiki.

Would you like to add to our collection of recordings? We’d love to hear from you. Whether you record primary students, secondary students, community groups or your family we’d love to hear it.

If you have a recording you’d like to send in just email it to mep@anu.edu.au!

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