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MEP works with UC Occupational Therapy students

Twelve University of Canberra students completing a Masters of Occupational Therapy engaged in a set of three Music Outreach sessions facilitated by staff of the Australian National University’s Music Engagement Program. 

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Pasifika Music Outreach Tour!

We’re on tour this week with a fantastic group of high school students as part of the Pasifika Music Outreach Program! Click here for more information!

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Our busy last few weeks! SmArts and Boundless

The MEP team have been very busy during the last few weeks. On Friday, a number of the events we have been involved in wound up. We had the last session of the SmArts program which was fantastic fun. As

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Lucy’s Poem

Reaching out to those who need us most. Seeing the smiles creep upon their faces. The singing flowing everywhere, memories flying through my head. Everyone’s happy, holding hands.

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