The String Project

The ANU School of Music has recently faced the challenge of reinventing itself as a more inclusive music education environment to allow for a financially sustainable future. This change has meant moving away from a ‘conservatorium’ model towards a ‘university school’ model. The aim is to continue to train high level musicians while opening up music education opportunities for a range of students whose major interest may lie elsewhere. At the same time, there is a push, particularly at the research intensive ANU, for students to benefit from what is known as ‘research-led’ education.

The String Project is designed to match the emerging, new, inclusive curriculum by providing a research-led course for under graduate students from a range of disciplines to engage with, and study the effect of, music making. The project is not only innovative forĀ  under graduate students, but also for students and community members. It focuses on multi-skilled, multi-generational string playing, mediated and studied by ANU academics at the graduate and under-graduate level.

The research component of the project led to a number of resources being produced. These documents are listed below the video.


  • String Project Report
  • There were four undergraduate students involved in the project. The document linked below is a paper written by one of these students about the project.
  • Participants were surveyed at the beginning and end of the project. An quantitative analysis of the resulting data is provided below
  • On the 30th of September, 2013 a presentation on The String Project was given at the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) National Conference in Canberra. The Powerpoint presentation used can be seen here: ASME Presentation 30/9/13