Our busy last few weeks! SmArts and Boundless

The MEP team have been very busy during the last few weeks. On Friday, a number of the events we have been involved in wound up. We had the last session of the SmArts program which was fantastic fun. As part of a partnership between the ANU Student Equity, the Smith Family and the MEP we have been working with a number of high school students from across ACT. We spent four Fridays with this group of enthusiastic and talented musicians. They prepared a set of repertoire for both outreaches at nursing homes and a performance for primary school students. We visited Chapman Primary, Mt Rogers Primary, Kalparrin Aged Care Facility and Morshead Home. The students played many different instruments including cello, guitar, ukulele and didgeridoo! The program culminated in last Friday with performances for parents and friends. We were also able to view the Art students’ works which they had completed as part of the Arts stream of the SmArts program.

View some pictures of the SmArts program here.

Georgia Pike has also been busy with the launch of the new video for the Boundless project. Watch this clip involving 300 Canberrans led by MEP’s Georgia Pike, in a live-aid style song ‘Where do Playgrounds Come From’ by the Cashews. You’ll see a few notable Canberrans in there too (for example, Constable Kenny Koala!). Share and help raise money for the Boundless project, an all-abilities playground being built next to the Carillon.

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