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The Music Engagement Program (MEP) is delivered and directed by Founder, Adjunct Professor Susan West of Charles Sturt University, and Dr Georgia Pike of The Australian National University. Originally developed at the ANU School of Music through funding from the artsACT, the MEP is recognised as an international leader in music education and and community music outreach facilitation in health and wellbeing contexts, with a proven track record of over 20 years in the ACT education, community and arts sectors. Reaching many thousands of students, aged care residents and community members each year, the MEP provides site visits to schools and outreach opportunities each year through schools visiting care facilities (‘outreach’) and community groups visiting schools (‘in-reach’). The MEP facilitators have worked across the arts, education, community services, health and ageing. The philosophy of the program is based on Dr West’s 40 years of experience and research in music education, general education and music for well-being through both traditional and alternative pathways. Its foundation is in the school system but its application now extends well beyond this realm. Through its teacher programs, outreach concerts, shared goals, shared repertoire, school-to-school and school-to-community activities, the MEP encourages music making as a part of the normal social and cultural lives of all participants, regardless of age, background, ability or skill level. The MEP is based on a social philosophy of shared, active music making known as the Music Outreach Principle. Inspired by the work of Dr John Diamond M.D., this approach promotes, but does not demand, high-level skills, and does not require expensive instruments or equipment to be effective. It offers an on-going musical pathway for all, regardless of perceived talent or previous experience. Skill development occurs as a natural by-product of joyful engagement, where performance is a stress-free part of the outreach approach.

– Brilliant program. Opened my eyes to the joy and fun of music as opposed to the ‘musts’ of music. Music is now actually enjoyable. (MEP Course Graduate)

2008 05 15 MacGregor Primary at St Barnabas

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